Bengal Cat and  Asian Leopard Cat (ALC), felis bengalensis

Here you will find information and photos of Past Kittens from SouthLynn! If you have adopted a Bengal baby from us and would like to post a photo here, please send us an email!

SouthLynn Bengals
"Flint" and "Whisper"
Adopted By: Tricia and Jeff (Georgia)

Good morning Priscilla. Well, both our new babies are doing good.
They slept on my lap on the ride home. Whisper is just a lover
as you said and Flint is definitely the curious one.
They are both just soo sweet and adorable. I'll send you pictures once
I get some done. I went shopping for them last night. It was like
Christmas for them. One of everything. Well I'll be keeping in touch to
check up on everyone. We soo enjoyed meeting you
and your beautiful family.

Have a good day.
Tricia and Jeff

SouthLynn Bengals
Previously "Stone" now "Nico"
Adopted By: Ed, Julie, and Family (Georgia)

Stone appears happy to be here, he traveled great laying in Alex's lap
almost all the way. Slept with me Friday night no problems, Slept with
Alex Sat. night while I was out of town. She had to put
him in the crate as he was rowdy, and wanted to nibble on her.
He slept with Julie today, no problems. I'm letting him play, so he'll
be ready for night time with me later. Also Julie has changed his
name, and don't laugh as she has a history of picking out strange
names for our pets, if your limited to what you can put down
let me know and I'll have Julie boil it down a little.

Here is Stones new full name:
Nicodemus Aristotle Icarus Lucius Stoney
or for short we call him Nico. If you need to boil it down to fit on the form,
Nicodemus Aristotle.
I got the vanilla shampoo in the mail today from Jeffers, and a harness.
Nico took his first bath today with Julie and did great. Julie is
overjoyed with Nico, she says he's the neatest cat she has ever had.
She maybe interested in a Sliver Bengal in the future (keep that in mind)

Anyway thanks and I look forward to your reply.

SouthLynn Bengals
Adopted By: Dinah (Georgia)

SouthLynn Bengals
Adopted By: Sharon (Georgia)


If you are interested in having a kitten from SouthLynn Bengals, please email or call 706-979-6067 and we will add your name to our waiting list for the next available litter.

SouthLynn Bengals

Breeder: Priscilla South

Location: Cave Spring, Georgia

Phone: 706-979-6067


Thank You, and Welcome to SouthLynn Bengals!

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